Monday, February 8, 2010

Big Flakes

We woke up to a winter wonderland this morning. And the last thing I heard the weatherman say around 10:30 last night was "you may hear a little sleet on your window, but don't be alarmed it will turn to rain soon after". They totally missed it!! We ended up getting around 6" of snow....which is a big snow for us here in central Arkansas.

I didn't get much work done today but I worked on some cute pillows that I'll be listing tomorrow. :-) I'm hoping to paint more tomorrow too.

I've got some fun news to share on the 16th so check back. I'll be sending out a newsletter.

ps. still keeping the post short. the headaches come and go still and its making it difficult to get motivated to work. I'm still doing yoga.......and hoping that it subsides soon. (they are daily, but somewhat dull and sporadic so I'm able to function)


elizabeth said...

So sorry about the headaches! I wish I had some good ideas for you, but my brain is empty.

Look at that snow! Pretty.

Mindy Lacefield said...

i'm thinking it may be a bit of dehydration. we'll see. thanks for the sweet post. hugs!!!

Gloria said...

Mindy...she is so cute with her flowers..I love her eyelashes cute.I hope you start feeling better..lots and lots of water could help for you mt uber talented friend...gloria

tricia said...

love your new stuff and the snow is beautiful! we just keep getting tons of rain here in Dallas.
hope the headaches subside soon. :(

hugs from TX!

chrissy said...

i hope your head is feeling better on this tuesday
i love your newest girl.
i can.t believe i get to see you and play with you just next week.
so super excited my dear.
lots of love and hearts to you.
stay warm.

Kolleen said...

hey you....hope your headaches are subsiding...lots and lots of water!!!

absolutely love this sweet girl...i love all your stuff!!!

sending you love my friend!


Tara Ross Studios said...

Very sweet. This weather is so weird this year!