Thursday, March 11, 2010


 This is dedicated to Jennifer and all my other sisters I met on an Oregon beach in October. Love you all.

I remember the day I read your words
It was a Sunday
And the next day I read them again
They were beckoning me

Words that you wrote struck a cord
Now I am different
And I read them again

They make me strong enough to fear less
To let go
I was meant to meet you
Beach, Rain

I saw myself in you
Being vulnerable
but so much braver
than I was willing to be

You taught me
Its ok
We were there to unearth
To be present


tricia said...

oh, i love this! you are so wonderful and i am glad to know you.

Kolleen said...

this made my it and love you!!!

i feel so blessed and fortunate to have met every single one of our unearth lucky are we?!?

now...i am off to see that sexy johnny depp in Alice!!!

whoot whoot!


chrissy said...

im crying.
im wiping tears.
dear mindy...that struck a cord in my heart!
thank you for sharing.
thank you for opening up.
thank you for showing up on that oregon coast.
i too
know my life will never be the same
and the friendships we made
you are a dear and i love you oodles.
huge gigantic hugs to you.

patty said...

Mindy dear, I am proud to be one of those unearth sisters!! And it just continues to amaze me how the effects of those few days together keep reverberating throughout the universe with no end in sight - who'd've thought??

You're right Kolleen - we are so lucky to have had that experience! I just hope the little retreat I am planning can have a fraction of that positive energy. Amazing!!!

Kelly Berkey said...

sweet, darling poem, you are really giving on your blog. so happy for you to have met all these wonderful women...i get to meet the dear kolleen soon. i can't wait!

liz elayne lamoreux said...

oh dear girl, reading these words is such a gift on this grey day.
thank you for sharing you.


Lori said...

I love this, Mindy. You are creative in so many different ways. I miss you and the other Unearth Sisters.

Jennifer said...

oh dear mindy this brought tears to my eyes and brought me right back to the oregon coast when I was surrounded by so much love.

I am so honored to be one of those unearth sisters. It was such an incredible experience for me. It completly unearthed me and left me feeling whole.

I cannot wait to see you again in October. I think a be present reunion is in order.

marilyn said...

i thought i had cried enough today, but your words made me realize that the tears running down my cheeks are not the sad tears of the days of late, but tears mixed with the absolute joy of knowing you and everyone from the unearth life altering retreat with the tears of missing you all as well. you cant miss something you dont love, and i surely fell hard for you. hugs and smooches to you, m

Tara Ross Studios said...

Your new blog is fantastic! Happy weekend! xo.....

Odd Chick said...

I love your new blog look and that you willing to be brave and share your story. What would you tell that little girl in the picture if you could go back and talk to her. I think we are seeing some of what you would have encouraged her about and how you encourage each of us to re-parent ourselves now in the present and be good to our little girl selves.

valerie said...

thank you mindy! you are such an amazing soul...
hugs and hearts!