Wednesday, April 14, 2010

hawaiian love.....

i had the opportunity to "meet" Karen from Hawaii through etsy. She bought some original paintings and other goodies after seeing me on the featured seller. she is one of the sweetest people ever!!! i had asked her if she would send me a photo of her. for some reason, i just love to connect and actually "see" my customers. it gives me so much joy ;-) i feel the connection and see who is holding my art. I'm so thankful for Karen and people like her. you make this job of mine so rewarding!!!

she sent me this huge box of Hawaiian loot!! complete with chocolate covered macadamia nuts, carmels, luggage tag, a keychain, fridge magnet, many goodies to even count......!!!!.....and a lovely photo of her and dr. rey! i loved seeing this...... :-)

thank you karen for sending me some hawaiian love!!! you are truly appreciated.


Flor Larios Art said...

That is so sweet and you deserve it!

Mrs. Spotts said...

Awesome! I love that picture of Karen with Dr. Rey, is his shirt see-through? ;) Just wondering.

Isn't is so wonderful that a person can make such a nice gesture that makes you so happy? Love it!


JennyTheArtist said...

whenever I send a swap, especially if I made a stuffie for the person's child, I love to see photos of the kid with their new toy. It really makes it worth while, doesn't it??!

Tara Ross Studios said...

How very nice! We need more nice people in the world :)

Kay said... fun! Like Christmas

ching said...

yes, that is so so sweet. :)

You deserve it... as you are as sweet too :)

danielle said...

Just more more proof that your ART is touching the heartstrings of so many! xox

chrissy said...

save me some of those chocolate covered macademia nuts girlfriend. i HEART those.
i was like..."wow. her lovie looks a lot like dr. rey" then you said...dr. rey and i was soooo proud of myself.
how do i even know him.
that.s scary.
nice people ATTRACT nice people.
that.s why you are surrounded with them.
love you girl.

Caitlyn Hayes said...

That is awesome! It is so nice to be able to make those connections and just reaffirms that there are some amazing people in the world!

Take good care.


suziart said...

So nice and a pic with of Dr Rey..a bonus!