Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bunnies and a video

well after being totally inspired by Kelly Rae's flight lessons....i finally dusted off the journal. i wrote some fears. i wrote some goals. one is huge and i don't know if it will ever happen and i'm not quite ready to share the big one yet....BUT....

i did start writing my story.....you see my goal has been to start writing and illustrating a children's book. i think the hardest part is just saying "i'm starting this!!!" its about a bunny that aspires to more than his life in an abandoned, run-down chicken coop and the many adventures that come after his owner leaves the door open to his tiny, cramped cage.

i've also been spending time doing these videos and adding music by larkin poe. it just makes me smile when i put the 2 together....my paint, their music.


justagirl said...

we share the same chidren's book goal... love the new video and of course larkin poe. x

Beth Nicholls said...

Yes Mindy!!! Do it! I want to read all about your bunny, and see him in his technicolour gloriousness bouncing around the chicken coop and then bursting out into the worldXx

Cathy {Tinniegirl} said...

I loved watching this video. I felt like I was so close to you for that five minutes. Larkin Poe is awesome. So completely awesome. Gotta listen to some more of that.

You would create the most awesome children's book. You go girl.

patty said...

Mindy, this was so cool to watch!! Love the music and watching your skillful fingers dip into the paint!! And I absolutely LOVE the children's book idea. I know it will be AMAZING!!!

danielle said...

I TOTALLY KNOW and BELIEVE that I WILL be holding that children's book in my hands some day. I can picture it already. GO GIRL! GO ALL THE WAY!!!! xoxox

Michele said...

Your childrens book would be the best ever! Totally. How exciting!

I will buy it for myself! (and my niece, nephew, friends kids, my kids...)

Kolleen said...

i agree with all these gor-juss wise women who posted before me!!

i cannot wait to read the adventures of this
sweet little bunny!!!

love your videos...
love seeing you at work and listening
to great music along with it!!!

isn't "flying" pretty great??!! so MUCH to chew on with her lessons!


wanda miller said...

omg, i can't believe this...i just found your work now too...and am in love..thank you so much for your comment, it means oodles of noodles, seriously...coming from YOU. i've gotta take a break for a few weeks to end my school year with my afterschool kids...but have so many ideas kickin' around it's killin' me not to jump in right now. thank you again. xo

rachel awes said...

so nice to "meet" you, mindy.
clearly, such dear life,
is never meant to be
crammed in
shut out
i celebrate
with you
as the sun
pours in
& doors open
& the word
is spoken
over & over.
i love your art
& already love
your clearly