Thursday, August 23, 2012

a rabbit noticed my condition

a rabbit noticed my condition print
available here

inspired by the poem written by
St. John of the Cross

and in online workshop is a sneak peek into Frolic.
a mini bunny class. hoptastic!

coming later this fall!
stay tuned for more details...

in the meantime check out the new Classroom
where you can find both of the self paced classes 
Paint Your Story
Neat Stuff


valeri blossom said...

this is so mondo beyondo cool. one day i want a giant-sized print - a canvas repro - something, BIG with that image, sweet mindy!

Catherine... said...

Love this, very cute. So true, sometimes we just need a bunny to sit close and make our troubles go away... :) Looking forward to joining you for Frolic...

Lynda M. Metcalf said...

Love your painting! It's so cute! Super excited for Frolic. It should be bunnyrific! (I couldn't resist)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for your next class to begin!

Debbie Crews said...

Love your artwork. Just adorable!

Marjie Kemper said...

Saw your brush on Donna's blog and popped over to say hi. I love your rabbit brush!

Margo@Legacy of a Single Girl said...

Love this new piece!! Facial expression are great!!